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MDA backpedals, succumbs to public backlash

MDA backpedals, succumbs to public backlash

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But indirectly admits licensing is to clamp down on Yahoo! News



The Media Development Authority of Singapore (whose acronym can also mean Murder Decimate Arserape) has succumbed to public pressure.

After two days of brutal sanctions levelled against staff identifiable as working for the MDA, some backpedalling is in order.

They have come out to say that blogs are not affected by the $50,000 licensing ransom scheme, as the target are news sites that publish online.

This has only confirmed suspicions that this licensing scheme is targeted at shutting down Yahoo! News, which carried plenty of articles that have made the authorities feel a lot of butthurt ever since GE2011.

In a half-assed Facebook statement written by some anonymous poster on MDA’s Facebook page, it is said:

“1. The licensing framework only applies to sites that focus on reporting Singapore news and are notified by MDA that they meet the licensing criteria. An individual publishing views on current affairs and trends on his/her personal website or blog does not amount to news reporting.”

Self-styled political pundit, Eric de Yaya, reiterated MDA’s statement: “Basically, in English, this statement can be read as, ‘We are relieving ourselves on Yahoo! News because they are too ahead of their time and they report on news that give the government butthurt. So they need to be clamped down.'”

However, not all Singaporeans agree with this reading.

One Singaporean, Seow Ji Ji, said: “I think, in English, MDA staff just admitted they have small penises.”