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Those against adultery website are most likely to cheat on spouse

Those against adultery website are most likely to cheat on spouse

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Petitioning against Ashley Madison’s Singapore launch is a sure sign of guilty conscience.


Singaporeans from all walks of life with cheater bug tendencies said they are sympathetic towards those Singaporeans who oppose the launch of the Ashley Madison website here.

They said this is because those who are against the adultery website are most likely to cheat on their spouse.

Sng Char Bor, a local, said: “This is the same reason why many Singaporeans were against the building of casinos. Because the moment there is a place for gambling, those who know they will be addicted eventually become addicted.”

Other Singaporeans, however, not only said they understand why there will be those who object to Ashley Madison, they are also sympathetic to their opposition.

One Singaporean, Qu Ya Long, said: “Those who oppose Ashley Madison actually have a guilty conscience. They know that they will surely sign up for their services and commit adultery the moment it comes to Singapore. That’s why their reaction is so big now even before the website is coming here.”

“They already feel aroused knowing the fact that there is such a website.”

Ashley Madison is a website that allows married people to do a Michael Palmer.

A Facebook page was started last week to campaign against the launch of Ashley Madison, based solely on rumours that the adult website is planning to bring its operations to Singapore.

Called “Block Ashley Madison – Singapore“, the petition page has garnered more than 24,000 Likes.

This is about 16,000 more Likes than Family Minister Chan Chun Sing who spoke out strongly against the adultery website but not against Krispy Kreme doughnuts — even though both have a propensity to cause marriages to fail.


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