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MINDEF increases army food budget, combat ration to include Katong laksa, tulang

MINDEF increases army food budget, combat ration to include Katong laksa, tulang

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News coincides with announcement that Singapore will get a new army chief on March 21.


MINDEF will be allocating more resources to make combat rations tastier for SAF soldiers.

This after SAF combat rations were panned by UK’s The Guardian newspaper for its paltry servings and limited menu selection.

Some new food items to be appear in field packs soon include Katong laksa, tulang, chili crab and oyster omlette — food that are traditionally unhealthy.

MINDEF’s tweaking of the combat ration also follows years of lobbying by AMARE (Association of Men for Action and Reaction).

The men’s organisation has complained all along that the practice of subjecting men to unrealistic demands to conform to ideal masculine, fighting fit body types and be of a high fitness level should stop.

Akshun Bayday, president of the men’s rights group, said: “One way for men to overcome this obsession with fulfilling other people’s demands on their bodies to be trim and fit is to eat more unhealthily.”

“And we are glad that the new incoming army chief is slowly but surely eradicating the masculine ideals of being a real man by first getting rid of the moustache.”

Singapore’s Armed Forces teach soldiers how to tell stories

Singapore’s Armed Forces teach soldiers how to tell stories

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This is a 60 second summary of the original article published on Oct 24, Monday on page A10.

Editor’s note: Our tags were meant for SEO purposes. Apologies if this article offends any hardcore chao enthu SAF fanboys.

Chief Warrant Officer Joseph Pereira of the Republic of Singapore Air Force, representing the morale of his men, says that he has seen more pride and effort that his men have put in, since he learnt how to tell stories.

Since the start of this year, commanders in SAF training schools and institutes, such as the Officer Cadet School and Infantry Training Institute, have been taught how to tell stories. These stories centre on the SAF’s seven core values, such as “care for soldiers”, “leadership” and “professionalism”.

SAF commanders – from third sergeants to majors – learn how to start stories with an emotional point of view, when and how to marry facts and emotions, and how to extract a lesson from the story.

According to Colonel Sukhmohinder Singh, who provides a cryptic quote that seemed to suggest that soldiers remember commands through emotions: “When you try to talk about technical and tactical things, it’s hard to get people going… humans don’t connect to a lot of facts alone, but they connect to the story related to the facts.”

He also adds that story-telling aside, commanders will continue to give naughty boys a spanking dish out generous servings of pushups and menial tasks to enforce discipline.

“We are still a hierarchical organisation that deals with life and death…that (discipline) will be something we never throw out”.

The Centre for Leadership Development started exploring storytelling in 2007 as part of a new way to groom commanders to communicate effectively with their men.

Air force weapons instructor Tan Chwee Leng, 35, said: “I used to always wish that conversations and stories I had with my seniors during coffee breaks and happy-hour sessions would drag on longer.”

The article did not say if these storytelling skills would improve soldiers’ ability to chao geng more convincingly, nor did it mention if the stories would be confined to non-fiction.