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Survey: Toilet patrons don’t like Tony Tan

Survey: Toilet patrons don’t like Tony Tan

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Nicole Seah, Jenna Jameson, Doraemon and Tan Jee Say equally popular.

Doodle Doodle

He had his eyes crossed out in one, and a stache drawn on the other. Tony Tan may be the top candidate for President – according to the toilet uncle scrubbing the floor as New Nation was putting the board up – but he’s also a favourite target for toilet doodlers.

A few weeks ago, we put up sheets of paper in two toilet cubicles at Arbite restaurant asking patrons to write down which Presidential candidates they would like to date if given the chance.

The only other candidate who got a response was Tan Jee Say – “Tan Jee say coz he said he wants to spend 60 billion of out money. Might as well get some back.”

Most other comments went along the lines of “whoever’s giving me a big treat”, “the richest one lah of course! He’ll pay for EVERYTHING!!! =D” or “you got to be joking, with $4 million an annum salary THEY should bring the whole of Singapore to Arbite for dinner!”

Eh hm. So who said that political dissent was only confined to the online lunatic fringe? You’ve got to take into account the toilet-going fringe as well.

Either way, it seems like there really is no front runner this time. Going by this micro-survey alone, Tony Tan will be the candidate to divide the nation – you either love him, or you want to deface him. Tan Jee Say will be riding on the post-GE opposition sentiment while Tan Cheng Bock may just win as everyone else votes in the most unoffensive candidate. Tan Kin Lian unfortunately, seems to have been ignored both online and offline and may just lose his deposit.

This week’s topic: Who would you bring out on a hot date to arbite?

Of 6 female respondents, 5 females abstained from choosing a pre-selected candidate, 1 picked Nicole Seah, 1 picked Tan Jee Say
All 5 male respondents abstained from choosing, 1 picked porn star Jenna Jameson and another drew a Doraemon.
There were 34 ticks/crosses on the female board, surrounding the pictures of the candidates. Tan Kin Lian strangely had none.

What’s Toilet Talk: Every now and then when we feel like there’s a topic worth discussing, we stick up an A2 sized paper on the toilet walls of a restaurant. With a set of markers conveniently placed next to the toilet bowl, we invited toilet patrons to scrawl their topics on the issue at hand – total offline anonymity. Check out a previous one we did!

Toilet Talk: 2011 Presidential Elections

Toilet Talk: 2011 Presidential Elections

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Comments, vandals, artists all welcome!

It’s back! Outhouse honesty is not one to be trifled with!

This time we’re looking for opinions about the 2011 Presidential elections, due to happen in 10 days time.

Two noticeboards have been pasted up in the same location:

Arbite, 66A Serangoon Garden Way

TOPIC: Who would you bring on a date to arbite?

Go check it out and erm…have a bite while you’re at it. (The owner’s letting us use his toilet as a social experiment. Be nice).

And if you think it’s weird to visit the cafe just to use the toilet, the deep fried button mushrooms are REALLY GOOD.

Guarantee enough fibre to clear your bowels.

Also check out our first attempt at starting Toilet debates. Guaranteed to be a blast!