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S’poreans give Khaw Boon Wan 3 days to say sorry for transport woes

S’poreans give Khaw Boon Wan 3 days to say sorry for transport woes

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He is also made to retract statements suggesting things are better.


Singaporeans from all walks of life, who take leadership cues from the PAP, are giving Transport Minister Khaw Boon Wan three days to say sorry.

This after Khaw has been made to take responsibility for the nation’s transport woes over the last few years and given the ultimatum of apologising in Parliament.

He also needs to retract any statements made in Parliament that suggest public transportation in Singapore has become better when there is no evidence to support this is so, and that cheap public transport is not feasible.

One Singaporean, Jiang Soh Lee, said: “Transport Minister Khaw made these statements based on suspicions and not evidence. These comments were made to convince Singaporeans the current state of transportation is the best in all possible worlds.”

“This cannot be the case as Singaporeans have set out the facts on this issue over the past few years, showing that MRT breakdowns are not getting fewer nor shorter.”

“The tunnel even got flooded, if we remember correctly.”

Other locals said giving Khaw a chance to apologise would bode well for other PAP ministers.

Another Singaporean, Kee Zi Sah, said: “Once Khaw apologises, it will open the floodgates for other ministers to come forward to apologise.”

“Once they are done, Khaw can then commit hara-kiri.”

“This will be followed by others.”

“But by so refusing, his conduct falls short of the standard of integrity and honor expected of all members. I must, therefore, put the honorable member on notice, and the rest of the House too, that if he repeats such dishonorable conduct, I will refer the matter to the Committee of Non-apologies.”


S’poreans apologise loudly to Grace Fu since she loves it

S’poreans apologise loudly to Grace Fu since she loves it

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Sorry, sorry, sorry.


Singaporeans from all walks of life, who like to give in to petty people, are apologising loudly to PAP minister Grace Fu.

This after Grace Fu kept asking Workers’ Party MP Sylvia Lim to apologise for saying things she was supposed to say as the opposition in Parliament.

One Singaporean, Dui Bu Qi, said: “Sorry, Grace Fu. I am sorry that you like to hear the word ‘Sorry’.”

“If there is anything we can do for you, sorry, I just want you to know, sorry, sorry, sorry.”

“For someone called ‘Grace’, you should really just call yourself ‘Apology Fu’.”

Other locals said Grace Fu should take her ability to ask people to say sorry to other areas of life.

One other Singaporean, Kah Kee Lang, said: “Since Grace Fu has such a knack for asking people to say sorry, she should ask her own PAP MPs to say sorry for past mistakes.”

“For example, she can start with Transport Minister Khaw Boon Wan.”

“But as graceful Singaporeans, we apologise on behalf of Khaw Boon Wan.”


S’poreans demand Keppel Corp apologise to Minister Grace Fu

S’poreans demand Keppel Corp apologise to Minister Grace Fu

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If not, Grace Fu will be angry.


Singaporeans from all walks of life, who feel indignant, are calling on Keppel Corp to personally apologise to Minister Grace Fu.

This after Minister Grace Fu demanded opposition politician Leon Perera to apologise for misrepresenting facts and to withdraw false allegations made against Mediacorp in Parliament.

Singaporeans said Keppel Corp must apologise more profusely as their corruption scandal mistake is 375 million to 850 billion times worse than Leon Perera’s mistake as hundreds of millions of dollars have been lost.

One Singaporean, Jiang Soh Lee, said: “It is imperative for Keppel Corp to apologise to Minister Grace Fu.”

“Keppel Corp made Singapore look bad in the international community and cannot be allowed to get away scot-free.”

“If Keppel Corp does not apologise, Minister Grace Fu will be forced to write an email to send to them.”

Other locals said there is a silver lining to not apologising.

Another Singaporean, Mei Yew Chuo, said: “As long as Keppel Corp doesn’t apologise to Minister Grace Fu, it means the company has not done anything wrong.”

“To apologise is to look contrite and like you have committed an error, which will then be brought up in the future to be used against you.”

“So Keppel Corp can just keep silent and pretend it is the best company in the world.”



10% swing voters in S’pore repent, apologise to PAP for voting against them during GE2011

10% swing voters in S’pore repent, apologise to PAP for voting against them during GE2011

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They promise not to make life difficult for the PAP again, will obey all diktats issued by party.


The 10 percent swing voters in Singapore from some walks of life, who voted for the opposition in GE2011 but voted for PAP in GE2015, are begging on their hands and knees for forgiveness while apologising profusely.

This after they admitted they were wrong and are now repenting for the error of their ways by voting the opposition in GE2011.

One 10 percent swing voter, Wo De Cuo, said he will only forgive his mistake if the ruling party in all their kindness will forgive him first: “I would like to take responsibility for my actions and thoughtless mistake voting for the opposition four years ago.”

“I have brought shame unto my family.”

“I know voting for the PAP in GE2015 will barely make up for my mistake, but it is still a starting point on the road to redemption for me and my loved ones, who I have also wronged and put in jeopardy.”

Other apologetic and repentant swing voters said they would like to take this opportunity to make up for their ill-conceived actions by promising not to do anything to make life difficult for the PAP ever again.

One other voter, Guai Wo Ba, said: “I am sorry, PAP. Please forgive me and my family for we have sinned against you.”

“We should not have voted for the opposition in GE2011. We are now repenting for our mistake. We will uncritically accept all your policies from now on without complaints.”

“I’d also like to make amends by donating my salary to the party to make up for the emotion and mental suffering PAP MPs must have undergone the last few years.”

At press time, several swing voters have committed hara-kiri.






City Harvest Church goers apologise to Kong Hee for causing him to be found guilty of fraud

City Harvest Church goers apologise to Kong Hee for causing him to be found guilty of fraud

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They said they should have given him more money then none of this would have happened.


Thousands of City Harvest Church goers from that particular walk of life, who believe they are walking with their saviour, bowed their heads low and closed their eyes in anguish as they repeatedly said they are sorry.

This after they apologised to City Harvest Church founder Kong Hee for causing him to be found guilty of fraud with five other current and former leaders of the church.

One church goer, Yeshu Aini, said the responsibility is his to bear: “It is my fault. I should have given 50 percent of my monthly allowance to Kong Hee instead of just 30 percent.”

“I was too stingy and this caused him to do unlawful things to find ways to get more money to give to God.”

“I can only blame myself.”

Other church goers said there can be no one else left to blame for Kong Hee’s predicament but those who were still present in the congregation.

The church goer, Qu Jiao Tang, said: “We must blame all those who are still in the church now and were here all along, because those who left, have obviously absolved themselves of responsibility.”

“But look at us. We are still in this congregation and we have been and are still able to help, but it looks like we haven’t tried hard enough.”

“If we put our hearts and minds into it, we could have made a difference and Pastor Kong Hee wouldn’t be in trouble.”

“It is really the congregation’s mistake. And for that we are sorry, Pastor Kong Hee.”

At press time, current church goers said they will borrow money to give to the church if it makes the place better.






NSFs apologise to ex-SIA stewardess Hilary: ‘We’re sorry you had a hard life in SQ’

NSFs apologise to ex-SIA stewardess Hilary: ‘We’re sorry you had a hard life in SQ’

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I’m sure your life as an air stewardess will always be much, much worse than ours, they said.


Full-time National Servicemen (NSFs) from all vocations in the Singapore Armed Forces, Singapore Police Force and the Singapore Civil Defence Force have gone down on their knees to apologise to Hilary, an ex-Singapore Airlines stewardess.

This after the Singapore Girl wrote a lengthy exposé chronicling the suffering she went through working as an air stewardess for Singapore Airlines.

One NSF, Mai Kao Peh, who is serving in SAF, said: “I am so sorry your experience working as an air stewardess is worse than going for National Service. It must have been tough flying from one country to another compared to staying in camp for the whole work week and doing push-ups and running.”

Another fellow NSF, See Baey Char, who is serving in SCDF, said: “Her life in SQ sounds terrible. She voluntarily signed up for a job that requires her to fly all over the world and get paid a minimum of S$3,500 and a max of S$5,000 a month. That’s just derisory.”

“Unlike me, the country volunteers my services on my behalf, under the threat of getting charged. And my NSF allowance is a princely sum of S$480 a month.”

“I have it so good.”

Another NSF, Gong Jiao Wei, who is starting his NS stint, said: “Oh no, she’s so poor thing. She must fly to places like Paris because it is part of her job to spend a few days there and then fly back to Singapore.”

“On the other hand, I get to stay at the best place on Earth: Pulau Tekong. And where I eat the best food on the planet: Cookhouse food.”

“Some more she is so pitiful she only gets to stay in four-star hotels. This is unlike us. We get to go outfield to enjoy the elements bestowed on us by nature and our sergeants and officers.”

“And every time she is wrong, she must say sorry and move on. It must have been hard for her. For us, we do anything wrong we only risk getting charged and get away easy with doing push-ups and maybe have turn-out session and then stand-by-bed and stand-by-universe until 2am.”

“Some more we get to go back every year to camp after our two-year NS stint to enjoy reservist training. So shiok our lives compared to hers, which is free-and-easy and civilian.”

“NSFs really have it easy compared to SQ Girls.”


NSFs are very, very sorry:

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