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Three S’poreans upset world did not end

Three S’poreans upset world did not end

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The apocalypse could have provided a definite solution to their problems.

Some people just wanted to watch the world burn… Too bad.

A total of at least three Singaporeans are lamenting the fact that the world did not end on 21/12/12.

One of them is the representative of Sime Chong Construction, the firm that owed several months of salary to four Chinese workers — who had to stop work and sit down around a table with Ministry of Manpower officers to demand they get paid.

The representative from Sime Chong Construction was betting on Dec. 21, as he was hoping he didn’t have to pay a single cent after that.

Another Singaporean that is hugely upset that Armageddon did not come to pass is a small new car owner, Jin Kum Gong.

He recently paid S$81,889 for the small car COE, a piece of paper that excludes the price of the car, insurance, road tax, maintenance, season parking and petrol.

Kum Gong said: “Dafuq did I just bid?”

Besides these two Singaporeans, there is a third.

This is not confirmed but some suspect that he is the Singaporean who is most upset that annihilation did not take place.

Hint: He is an ex-PAP MP who was recently caught with his pants down.