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SMRT to make announcements only if trains working properly

SMRT to make announcements only if trains working properly

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The new normal.


Singaporeans from all walks of life, who know how things work in Singapore, are looking at one another and nodding in comprehension.

This after they noticed SMRT no longer makes announcements publicly when trains are delayed or not working properly.

One Singaporean, Yew Huai Leow, said: “This is so as trains getting delayed or not working properly is the new normal.”

“If there are no announcements, it means the train is confirmed already delayed.”

“If there are announcements, it is to inform commuters that things are going to be different and better because the MRT is working properly as intended, which is becoming rarer these days.”

However, other locals said not having announcements as the new normal is increasingly terrifying.

Another local, Hong Gan Leow, said: “If there are no announcements and it means things are getting worse, then there are no announcements about Singapore getting better.”

“We are going to die.”