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NLB releases pro-family book based on true story

NLB releases pro-family book based on true story

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This will counter the effects of non-pro-family books that have tainted Singapore.

By David Tan


In a bid to enhance its pro-family book collection, the National Library Board has released a brand new book based on the true story of the withdrawal and subsequent destruction of the controversial book And Tango Makes Three.

Titled And Tango Gets Pulped, the book will tell the cautionary tale of how books featuring alternative family units are dangerous to society and stresses the importance of upholding community norms.

Speaking at the book launch event, NLB spokesperson Tu Shu Guan said: “I believe a great man once said that it is important for us to ensure that the public read the right things, and publishing this book represents a step in that direction for us.”

The book, which features many colourful and eye-catching drawings of penguins in heterosexual relationships, was written with the help of Singapore’s conservative community.

Yeshu Ai Wo, an aspiring writer and sister to prominent conservative activist Yeshu Ai Ni, said: “I’m very happy that the NLB has given me this chance to showcase my talents, especially since my work has largely been suppressed by the local writers’ community just because my stories aren’t as good as theirs.”

And Tango Gets Pulped will be printed on recycled paper produced from the pulping of non-pro-family books at self-pulping machines that will be available at public libraries islandwide.


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