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Hysteria over Alvin Tan not unwarranted: Reader

Hysteria over Alvin Tan not unwarranted: Reader

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Dear Editor,

I’ve been following the case of pornographic blogger Alvin Tan very closely since it was revealed that he would be punished for his shameful crime of exhibitionism. As an ASEAN scholar, and a law student at that, he has a duty to uphold the very pristine image of scholars and lawyers — the people that millions trust to govern the country in future.

So when the National University of Singapore refused to divulge the exact punishment it meted out to that boy, I was outraged. From time immemorial, it has been mankind’s god-given right to watch public hangings. The university has no right to shirk away from its responsibility to display every spanking, whipping, handcuffing or humiliation by submission that it doled out to teach that boy a lesson. Of course, I wouldn’t know exactly what went on. I’m just speculating.

Some argue that NUS is hiding the punishment for fear that members of the public like myself, would deem the sanctions too light compared to the gravity of his actions. Indeed, the very fabric of our society might be torn asunder should the sanctity of the act be destroyed by foolish bloggers who dare question the basic notion that sex is a very private affair between one man and one woman.

Such an intimate act should never EVER be subject to public viewing. But punishment should be public to send a message that exhibitionism will not be tolerated.

For one, Alvin Tan has put unrealistic expectations on future couples who wish to engage in the reproductive act. I myself only had sex twice in my life to create Ah boy and Ah girl and can testify that the act is hardly pleasant and is usually over in less than five minutes. When I saw that boy and his girlfriend going at it, I was overcome with depression — not only would he be putting many hardworking workers in the pornography industry out of work, he was also making many middle-aged people, and students who do not have a sex life, feel ashamed about ourselves.

Which is completely and utterly morally heinous.

I plan to send by Ah boy to NUS once he finishes his national service, but this is dependent on my confidence in the university, which has been deeply shaken by this incident. If NUS tolerates sex blogging, this will only lead to a slippery slope of tolerating future hedonistic, unproductive acts like making racist films on the pretext of satire, or even vandalism with stickers.

Law students and ASEAN scholars must be sent a message that only certain hobbies are allowed, given their status in society and the responsibility they have as the region’s future leaders. They must be warned not to waste their talent in shameful hobbies like sex blogging. They must have proper ones, like stamp collecting, plant watering or watching the paint dry by the sidewalk. This is especially applicable for those in civil engineering.

I look forward to hearing what NUS has in store for Alvin Tan and his girlfriend Vivian Lee. And if the couple has any sense of self-respect, they should blog in graphic detail about what happened behind those closed doors.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I have to alleviate my hysteria with my trusty Hitachi Magic Wand.

Yours truly,

Conservative Nazi

M’sian teaches S’poreans about YOLO

M’sian teaches S’poreans about YOLO

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Singaporeans told swag is more important than degrees.

Malaysia’s first male porn star and NUS law student, Alvin Tan, has said that having swag is more than degrees in a recent interview about his hopes and aspirations.

His comments come after he treated a lot of Singaporeans to images and videos of his willy and wants to educate Singaporeans about the meaning of YOLO.

However, at least one local tertiary institution offering degrees, is not taking things lying down. Unlike Vivian Lee.

They are planning on rebutting this disparaging remark in their own swag + intellectual way.

Singapore Management University (SMU) will defy Alvin and continue to market its students as graduates with swag — a move that has been kind of corny ever since SMU was officially incorporated in January 2000 — to continue to differentiate them from NUS and NTU students.

SMU will show that its students can have degrees and have sax. Publicly.

SMU student shows Alvin Tan what it means to have sax.