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If Mothership.sg cannot operate in S’pore, they should move to Uranus

If Mothership.sg cannot operate in S’pore, they should move to Uranus

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Media watchers say they can explore Uranus’ inner core as a place of refuge.


Mothership.sg, a Singaporean website about nothing in particular, has been ordered by the Media Development Authority to fill up pages and pages of paper forms to prove that the people behind it are literate.

Media analysts, who are analysing the case closely and probing for answers, said if Mothership.sg fails to fill in the paper forms correctly, they cannot prove that they are a legit media site and will not have a choice but to move out of Singapore and most likely enter Uranus to continue operations.

Self-styled political pundit and media analyst, Eric de Yaya, said the main thrust of the issue is clear: “Mothership.sg has been asked to register so they won’t feel alienated because many other sites have been asked to register before, so they form part of a continuum.”

“Therefore, even though the Internet is a vast space, it shouldn’t be surprising the authorities brought up this matter.”

Another media analyst, Badpuns Galore, said: “Considering the gravity of the situation, Mothership.sg shouldn’t make light of it or they might risk making a mass out of things.”

“You’re operating in Singapore, not a vacuum. The fear that there might be aliens moonlighting for the site is real because Singapore is filled with many foreigners who have come to take local jobs and losing jobs to competition is universal.”

“And considering that a media outlet is not light-years ahead as a technology-enabled enterprise, but more possibly a sunset industry, soon they might have to move out of here and probably head up Uranus to continue functioning.”

“But they will find the prospect of going up Uranus exciting, for sure,” said Galore as he pointed to the sky.