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Kim Jong-un says Pyongyang Times much to learn from The Straits Times

Kim Jong-un says Pyongyang Times much to learn from The Straits Times

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Invites ST staff to run Pyongyang Times.


Singaporeans from all walks of life, who know the truth and are always waiting for the right time to tell it because those supposed to do so aren’t, are clapping their hands loudly and cheering at the top of their lungs.

This after North Korea Supreme Leader Kim Jong-un praised Singapore’s The Straits Times and its newsroom team, and has invited them back to his home country to run the Pyongyang Times or open another state media news outlet.

One Singaporean, Gong Jiao Wei, said: “It is not surprising Kim Jong-un is impressed with The Straits Times. There is also no doubt ST can surpass Pyongyang Times any given day.”

Pyongyang Times has to report good news about things that happen, while Straits Times can report good things even when nothing happens.”

“That’s the main difference.”

Other Singaporeans said the North Korean leader admires what Singapore’s English newspaper can do without having the top brass in the country intervene regularly.

Another Singaporean, Pai Ma Pi, said: “I heard Kim said he hopes the ST team can teach North Korea’s newsroom what to do and lower the execution rate at work.”

“Kim’s gripe is that he has to instruct his country’s state media on what to write and what not to write, and it can get tiring having to think on their behalf daily.”

“In Singapore, the state media are always thinking on behalf of the rulers and coming up with more story angles than imaginable.”

“It is like they know exactly what to do to make their political masters happy.”

At press time, The Straits Times is continuing to make Kim Jong-un look better than in Pyongyang Times.