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Winning Star Awards trophy makes artistes prone to vehicular accidents: Study

Winning Star Awards trophy makes artistes prone to vehicular accidents: Study

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The more trophies one wins, the more prone one is to crashing.


Scientists from all walks of life, who believe in cold hard, irrefutable facts, have discovered that the Star Awards trophy is the main cause of vehicular accidents.

This after one method actress was asked by the police to assist in an alleged drink-driving case recently.

One scientist, Hongxing Da Jiang, who spent his entire professional career studying the cause and effect of Star Awards, said: “The recent news is vindication and a step closer to a Nobel Prize.”

“This is the like the fourth time that a Star Awards winner has been involved in a vehicular accident. There was the curry png actor, who was involved in another minor accident last year, and then there was this taxi meter-smashing host.”

“And then there was this other actor who had to be jailed after causing a motorcyclist to lose his toe as a result of colliding with him with his car.”

“I’m also starting on a new theory that winning big at the Star Awards also leads to memory loss subsequently.”

“Saying, ‘Do you know who I am?’, is clear evidence of the toll over the years that acting has taken on the actress involved in the latest accident.”

“She actually has to be reminded that she is just someone who appears on television, executing lines and performing actions that other people have written for her on her behalf.”

At press time, the nation of Singapore is on high alert as another major accident looks set in the near horizon.







Foreigners help S’poreans again, S’poreans never say ‘thank you’

Foreigners help S’poreans again, S’poreans never say ‘thank you’

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Singaporeans want to complain about foreigners then must also be courteous when the time comes, right?


Singaporeans from all walks of life with varying courtesy levels, have forgotten to say “thank you” to foreigners — again.

One week ago, a group of Bangladeshi workers saved two elderly folk from their burning flat in Ang Mo Kio by coaxing them out of their second-storey apartment using a ladder.

This week, two Chinese nationals stopped the lorries they were driving at the site of a five-vehicle collision on the Ayer Rajah Expressway (AYE), and helped use their cranes attached to their vehicles to lift a tipper truck that had crashed on top of a taxi.

They were flagged by SCDF personnel while driving along the AYE due to the urgency of the situation.

One of the Chinese national lorry drivers said he couldn’t stop but think what would have happened if someone died, because his mother had died in a car accident seven years ago.

Together with three others who stopped to help, such as shovel out the wet cement that had fallen into the taxi with their hands, they were awarded the Public Spiritedness Awards from the SCDF.

One Singaporean, Wa Tng Lang, said: “When stupid ang mohs anyhow cycle bicycle on the road, everybody will suffer from righteous indignation, go online kao peh kao bu.”

“When foreigners help then must also highlight, right? Then fair, right?”


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Higher highway accident rates linked to higher democracy levels

Higher highway accident rates linked to higher democracy levels

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Eastern parts of Singapore experience greater number of accidents because of democracy.


There is no way anyone in the right mind can dispute the statistics.

Because it has been confirmed once and for all that greater levels of democracy will naturally lead to more vehicle accidents on the road.

Based on 2,000 tweets put out by the Land Transport Authority’s Twitter account over a three-month period between May 26 and Aug. 22, the number of accidents that were tweeted as it happened in real-time have been aggregated to provide a clearer picture of where vehicle accident hot spots are.

And it has been found that vehicle accident hot spots on expressways correspond to democracy hot spots in Singapore, which have typically been in the east.

This is where the PAP lost Aljunied GRC and almost lost East Coast GRC to the opposition.

With greater democracy is more chaos. And with more chaos, there are more incidents involving car accidents.

In the antediluvian west, where the opposition political parties have failed to make a dent, lesser and close to nil expressway accidents were reported.

Self-styled political pundit Eric de Yaya, said: “You can literally cut the map of Singapore in half and the results speak for itself.”

“There is a certain recklessness when there is more democracy. Look at Egypt and Syria.”

Eight puppies survive Remy Ong accident

Eight puppies survive Remy Ong accident

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Bother to extend them a helping hand?

This was the female dog that national bowler Remy Ong allegedly struck:

Well, it now turns out that this dog was not pregnant as initially suspected and reported, and had possibly given birth to a litter of up to eight puppies.

One day after the accident on Feb. 19, the puppies were spotted around the area that the accident took place by a member of the public who alerted the SPCA.

The SPCA picked up the puppies.

So far, five have been adopted and three are awaiting a new home.

Here they are in all their cuteness glory:


And this used to be their mommy:


So… They have one tiny favour to ask of you:


How you feel:


How Remy Ong feels: