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Polytechnic students run fashion retail store as part of curriculum

Polytechnic students run fashion retail store as part of curriculum

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One student to spend 440 hours in one semester running store.

For academic grades, a pioneering batch of 100 Singapore Polytechnic students will assume different roles according to their diplomas in running a shop located at Changi Airport’s Terminal 3.

The fashion retail shop, called Spell (Singapore Polytechnic Entrepreneurship Living Lab), sells clothes and accessories.

Opened on Sept. 17, the 600 sq ft store is a collaboration between Singapore Polytechnic and Changi Airport Group, which took six months to go from concept to reality.

Students with different diplomas have different requirements for the time they need to spend at the store.

Some will need to spend 60 hours over 15 weeks, others twice that amount.

Items sold in the store were sourced from all over Asia by five students.

The items are sold under the store’s own brand, Verve Avenue.

Students involved in this initiative volunteered to take part and they were selected through interviews.

At least one of them plans to start her own business after this stint.

Says 18-year-old Kim Khai Woon, 18, who is doing an entrepreneurship module of her Diploma in Business and Information Technology: “I want to start my own business in the future. I am doing this to avoid making mistakes when I start my venture.”

She also plans to spend 440 hours at the store for the semester, outside of her curriculum time.

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