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Abandoned trolley curses S’pore

Abandoned trolley curses S’pore


May more lifts break down, it said before dying.


An abandoned trolley taken from its native supermarket and left to fend for itself in the concrete jungle, has had it up to here with the abuses it has suffered and has cursed Singapore.

This after the trolley was removed from a neighbourhood supermarket as it was used to ferry groceries back to one shopper’s home for convenience, but subsequently, left downstairs at the void deck exposed to the elements.

Prior to being abandoned, the trolley’s plight included being pushed roughly over different terrain and even rammed against the wall repeatedly by playful children, who then wheeled it off a slope and onto the road before crashing into a curb.

It was later removed from the road and brought to the rubbish dump where it laid in ruins.

Before dying from its multiple injuries suffered, heat-related ailments and dehydration, the trolley cursed Singapore: “May more lifts break down!”

At press time, the trolley has not been given a proper burial.