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Black Hello Kitty available for S$7 from China factory

Black Hello Kitty available for S$7 from China factory

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Haha queue like a dumb ass.

Update: The link for the China website to order the Hello Kitty has been added to this article. You’re welcome, desperados.


Singaporeans who queued up last night from as early as 9 p.m. all the way to midnight to lay their hands on the latest Black Hello Kitty plush toy are getting the shock of their lives.

The Black Hello Kitty is available from China for 35 yuan, or S$7.

When this news was making the rounds, a collective groan could be heard island-wide.

One of the Black Hello Kitty plush toys was even auctioned off on ebay for $126,000.

All NUS undergraduates quitting school to become taxi drivers

All NUS undergraduates quitting school to become taxi drivers

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The Sunday Times claims cabbies make $7,000 monthly, would-be bankers to arts students lured.

Drive a taxi, make $7,000. Work in office, make peanuts. Which would you choose?

All undergraduates from the National University of Singapore are reportedly going to quit their studies to become taxi drivers by next week.

Their decision to leave school collectively is the result of The Sunday Times report on Oct. 28, 2012, where taxi drivers are reportedly making $7,000 a month.

One NUS School of Business undergraduate, Tan Tua Liew, said: “If I work at Barclays bank doing back end banking work, I probably get paid $4,000 monthly. As a cab driver, I can make $7,000 and look damn satki wear sunglasses drive around. Why don’t want?”

One other student from the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences, Mei Qian Tu, said that the perks of cab-driving are largely understated in the article, but once made public, will only cause office workers to look like automated drones.

A quick pro-vs-con checklist will easily reveal that office workers, unlike cabbies, are simply occupying largely lousy jobs.

Mei Qian Tu explained: “Imagine working in the office. Go work, still must take bus, and the stupid train keep breaking down. Reach late, boss bitch slap you. One month earn $2,000, girlfriend, parents and neighbours all look down on you.”

“On the other hand, drive taxi still can wear sunglasses and look damn satki.”

A check with the retail industry, manufacturing sector, tourism, civil service, military and even parliament and the judiciary has revealed that everyone is considering leaving their current jobs to become taxi drivers too.

“The pay is just too lucrative, very hard to say ‘No’,” explained a spokesperson from the overarching union NTUC, which oversees all workers in Singapore and who is qualified to speak on their behalf.

But probably not for long because the NTUC spokesperson is also planning on quitting his job to become a taxi driver.

Not only that, all of Singapore Press Holdings staff are also reportedly going to quit their jobs to become taxi drivers as well.

The only person who is not quitting is Tony Tan.

He cannot drive.