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2,400-hour PSI reading a better reflection of haze impact

2,400-hour PSI reading a better reflection of haze impact


Government wants Singaporeans to take a longer term view of haze level.


The government of Singapore took pains the past few days to explain its use of the 2,400-hour Pollutant Standards Index (PSI) reading when calibrating its response to the haze situation.

Coming under fire from the public for using a 24-hour measure as a benchmark, they adamantly said they will revert to using an even longer time frame.

This is because a 2,400-hour PSI reading provides a better reading of the impact of the smog on health, compared to the one-hour, three-hour, 24-hour or even the 240-hour reading.

One government spokesperson, Tan Koo Ku, said: “The 2,400-hour measurement is a better reflection of the total exposure of the individual to particulate matter in the haze. This is taking a long term view of your health, over a period of 100 days.”

Although some Singaporeans feel that this time is absurdly long, there are others who felt that 2,400 hours is not long enough.

One Singaporean, Hen Jian Kang, said: “Why not 24,000-hour measurement? Surely that will be more indicative of how healthy Singaporeans will be?”

“Come to think of it, why not 24 million hours? Surely that would be better?”