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OMGTel stays ahead of telco pack with innovative Microsoft Word logo

OMGTel stays ahead of telco pack with innovative Microsoft Word logo

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Much innovates.

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This is the real OMGtel logo

This is the real OMGtel logo

Consistel subsidiary, OMGTel, has recently rolled out a logo pushing the frontiers of technology and graphic design.

Comprising of the letters “O”, “M” and “G” in multicoloured Impact font, placed in front of a gradient-filled rhombus, this lively logo has taken the Internet by storm.

“Ask Jeeves informed me that this style of graphic design is the latest ‘hip’ and ‘fly’ thing,” said designer Lao Gu Dong.

“Its multiple gradients really push the frontiers of graphic technology. To tell you the truth, my computer almost overheated when I had to switch from Microsoft Word to Microsoft Paint,” he said.

When questioned about his font choice, Lao said: “I was taken aback when I was entrusted with the responsibility of designing the logo for what might be Singapore’s fourth telco. I scrolled through the list of Word 98 fonts to find one with an impact. You can imagine my surprise when I found one which was literally called Impact.”

OMGTel spokesperson, Jin Oh Biang, said: “I’m glad that Lao came through at this critical moment. It must have been incredibly difficult to visualise such a futuristic and stylish logo. The various colours of the gradients represent our commitment to landlines, pagers, as well as that new technology, cellular phones.”

“The logo has definitely furthered our brand recognition and popularity locally. After the launch, one of the most common reactions to our logo has simply been ‘OMG’.”


OMG indeed:

SMRT to invest in 4th telco in S’pore to maintain reliability of train breakdowns






S’pore feels less crowded like in the 1990s as 1 million foreigners went back home for CNY

S’pore feels less crowded like in the 1990s as 1 million foreigners went back home for CNY

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Everything appears so calm and normal these past two days.


Waves of nostalgia has hit Singaporeans from all walks of life these past two days of Chinese New Year celebrations, as many locals said they are experiencing 1990s conditions where there were much lesser people in Singapore.

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Ad by Wikiproperty.co (Singapore)

This after an estimated 1 million foreigners left Singapore the past week to go back to their home countries to celebrate Chinese New Year, with commerce and businesses grinding to a halt as an eerie calm has overtaken the country.

One Singaporean, Guo Xing Nian, said there is an appreciable change in atmosphere as the streets are less crowded and even the roads have become more empty: “Really feels like the 1990s where there were less people. The whole place seems to have a sense of normality and calm that I’ve not experienced at any other time throughout the year.”

“No feelings of claustrophobia at all.”

Other Singaporeans noted that this decline in the number of people in the country has improved living conditions as there has been a lesser need to fight for available space and the frenetic pace of everyday living has slowed down considerably.

Xiang Tong Nian, another local said he was surprised that this change is so noticeable, even though he has all along been well aware that Singapore has been reliant on foreigners: “This just means that the number of people on an island has severe repercussions on livability.”

“Singapore should really have more Chinese New Year public holidays then. It will be good for everybody as there will be more days of emptiness.”

“We could really use a bit of that.”


This Chinese New Year, there was a lot of fun:

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