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Another 90 things 1980s S’porean babies miss

Another 90 things 1980s S’porean babies miss


This list also includes all the things you’d forgotten you miss.

This is a continuation of the 89 things 1980s S’porean babies remember.

#1 Ladybird storybooks, earliest attempt at being literate


#2 Bookworm Club, gave us Young Generation too


#3 Choose Your Own Adventure, where you will always be tempted to flip through and work your way backwards


#4 V-sign by Channel 8 alien Chen Xiuhuan, made a lot of kids do it too


#5 Weixian-U, a badly dubbed Jap gastric pill ad


#6 SBC magazines and RTV Times, before there was 8 Days every week


#7 Match-making variety show, featuring Chen Shu Chen trying to hook Singaporeans up


#8 Wang Sha and Ye Feng, our version of Lao Fu Zi and Da Fan Shu


#9 No transmission screen, a time when TV programming used to start only after 3 p.m. on Channel 8


#10 Ultraman, and his funny hand waving


#11 Old movie tickets, which cost between $2.50 and $3


#12 Kacang Puteh, in a cone


#13 Pyramid fresh milk, most who have seen it will probably have encountered it in school


#14 Oldenlandia Water, a.k.a. snake water


#15 Icee, that eventually became licensed and marketed as Slurpee by 7-Eleven


#16 Old IC, crummy and wrinkled after some use


#17 Library passes, caused long queues at the library because processing time was painfully slow


#18 PAP kindergarten, monopolising the scene since eons ago


#19 Basic Reader, for students to do better at English


#20 Young Scientist badges, for the nerd in you


#21 Kalkitos, these were cooler than stickers as you had to rub the images on. If you don’t do a good job, sometimes only half the image will appear.


#22 Plasticine, if you mix all the colours together, you won’t get rainbow. You’d get brown


#23 Educational magazines, for the nerd in you


#24 Autograph books, where you’d write who your best friends were and who your BFFs were. Oh god why


#25 Sing Singapore Song Book, where songs like ‘Count On Me Singapore’ were written by a Canadian


#26 Harmonica, where you would blow it until it smells like saliva and never touch it again


#27 Recorder, where you would blow it so hard, it shrieks, because you are a talentless lump


#28 Wooden chairs, where your grandmother used to sit


#29 Darlie toothpaste, the most racist toothpaste ever


#30 Old logos, but so familiar


#31 Centrepoint, when it was still hip


#32 Sogo, like Yaohan, it has folded


#33 Hotwheels, and the like


#34 Idol cards, Vivian Chow, weeeee yew weeeeee


#35 McDonald’s collectibles, you wasted a good part of your life collecting these and now they are all thrown away


#36 Mascots, they are 2D but cuter than the 3D, textured, realistic mascot designs we get today


#37 Fido Dido, 7 Up, minimalist mascot


#38 GI Joe, boys’ version of Barbie


#39 She-Ra, for girls because boys already got He Man


#40 Alvin and the Chipmunks, started out in 1983, and they have gone 3D these days


#41 Strawberry Shortcake, cartoons and merchandise


#42 The Flintstones, made you question Christianity because they were obviously alive Before Christian Era


#43 Dick Dastardly and Muttley, wheezing while snickering


#44 Spiderman And His Amazing Friends, and you can’t remember who his friends were


#45 Dragon Ball, when you line up the spines of the comic book, you see an extended image


#46 Where’s Wally?, if you used to circle him and return the book to the library, screw you


#47 Asterix, read as widely as Tin Tin


#48 Slam Dunk, as famous as Dragon Ball


#49 Ballon glue, smelled funny, but doesn’t matter


#50 Mr Kiasu, actually spawned a TV series


#51 Transformers JetFire, you can morph it into a vehicle or something


#52 Hungry Hungry Hippos, an amazingly noisy game


#53 Pick-Up Sticks, where you had to pick up the stick one at a time without disturbing other sticks. Who actually think up such games?


#54 Styrofoam airplanes, even more fun when you throw them off 12 storeys


#55 Tikam tikam, where you’d pay $0.20 to win something


#56 Tikam tikam balls, can cost up to $1 and its kind of like Kinder Surprise, except no chocolate egg


#57 Golden Axe, where you’d choose the female character, make her walk away from the screen, and check out her ass


#58 Duncan Butterfly Yoyo, just a fancy yoyo


#59 MasterMind, where you’d spill all the little coloured pieces on the floor, which marked the end of the game because you couldn’t be bothered to pick up the pieces


#60 Contra, because graphics did not matter as long as the game is fun


#61 Pew pew pew, collect power


#62 More pew pew pew


#63 Puzzle Fighter, a prelude of Bejewel


#64 Street Fighter, Ryu vs Ken


#65 String game, where boys and girls make patterns and find an excuse to touch each others’ hands


#66 Road Safety Park, where you go there and act like a pedestrian if you don’t cycle or ride the car


#67 Arcade tokens, each one cost $0.50, the more you bought the cheaper


#68 Game Boy, handheld games helped people waste a large part of their lives


#69 Old school handphone, where it was so big, people used it for gang fights


#70 Radio with cassette, where it will periodically cause your cassette tape to get tangled


#71 Electric clock, ran on electricity


#72 Dragon Ball cards, used to spend $0.20 for one


#73 Old POSB, so you can get rid of your piggy bank


#74 Old school orange bus stops, still used these days as temporary bus stops


#75 Tamiya car, used to get the wheel caught in people’s hair though haha


#76 Student concession cards, where you had to buy concession stamps for air con or non-air con, with or w/o train


#77 Paper bus tickets, where you make into hearts and pass to your crush and she will freak out and you will still be forever alone


#78 Translink cards, makes you carry coins with you all the time


#79 Old school buses, no con damn stuffy


#80 Restricted Zone, an ancestor of ERP


#81 SIA Concorde, way too expensive back then


#82 80s campaign posters, social engineering at its finest


#83 Big Splash, wild, wet, hot and slippery


#84 National Library, torn down to make way for the Fort Canning Tunnel


#85 World Trade Centre, gateway to overseas — Sentosa


#86 National Theatre, not very cultured so can’t remember this one though


#87 Ang Mo Kio fountain, not as big as other estates’ fountain


#88 Toa Payoh fountain, that is greenish blue all the time. Eeew


#89 Iconic Ang Mo Kio signboard, a landmark at that time


#90 Changi Airport fountain, it was cutting edge at that time when it was conceived


Most memories stolen from here.

89 things 1980s S’porean babies will remember

89 things 1980s S’porean babies will remember


This list will make you cry. If you grew up in that era.

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#1 Kaka, MSG-laced snack from Malaysia.

#2 Sng bao or ice pop, only 10 cents.

#3 Hiro chocolate cake, comes in strawberry flavour too!

#4 Khong Guan biscuits from metal tin, in circle or rectangle shapes.

#5 White Rabbit candy, with edible paper wrapping.

#6 Soft drinks in glass bottles, collectible items these days.

#7 A&W Root Beer Float, went extinct in 2003.

#8 Hawflakes, compulsory treat found in all goodie bags in school.

#9 Kuti-kuti, a game where players tried to flip plastic coloured animals on top of each other.

#10 Classic board games, comes in paperback travel packs

#11 Hopscotch, where kids got active before Wii ruined them.

#12 Five stones, where the kid with the biggest hands usually wins.

#13 Chapteh, good for soloing if you’re the only child.

#14 Goli, or marbles, fascinated kids who wondered how the colours got inside and the stuff of creepy HDB ghost stories where imps are supposedly bouncing them at night.

#15 Playgrounds with sand, a place that will make do for pretending that you were at the beach.

#16 Panini stickers and sticker book, highly valued collectibles for bragging rights. Each packet of stickers used to cost 50 cents. Cool kids usually bought the whole box.

#17 Stamps, if you weren’t a collector, you might as well have admitted to being an outcast.

#18 Old notes, highly prized if they were in mint condition and still kept in plastic.

#19 Old zodiac coins, your parents have them and showed them to you. But they won’t let you touch it.

#20 Phone cards, the higher the value, say $50, the cooler you are if you have them. $2 value cards are for chumps.

#21 Pop pop, fire crackers that sound exceptionally loud when played at the void decks due to echoes. Banned by authorities subsequently.

#22 Transformer pencil box, the more compartments, the more you feel like Optimus Prime. Some even came with a thermometer.

#23 Flag erasers, used for fighting with your friends. Never used to erase anything. True story.

#24 Pen-spinning, because there was no WiFi or 3G in class.

#25 White school shoes, where kids were offered so many choices in primary and secondary school: Pick either pure white, solid white or completely white.

#26 Alien Workshop, baggy jeans were a must-have when pairing with Converse shoes.

#27 Orange-pointed combs, where kids used to get punished for carrying them in their back pockets in school.

#28 Velcro wallets, made a lot of noise when peeled apart.

#29 Casio watches, the Nokia of digital watches. Indestructible.

#30 English pop, synonymous with shoulder pads.

#31 Xinyao, acoustic pop with wistful lyrics about lofty dreams.

#32 Mando & Canto pop, Alamak Wasapa Pilipala Aipupa!

#33 Cassette tapes, an era where music actually costs money. And tends to get tangled.

#34 Yaohan, departmental store that sold stuff.

#35 Daimaru, another departmental store that sold stuff.

#36 Emporium, another departmental store that eventually went bust in the 80s.

#37 OG, the rare departmental store from that era that is still surviving after all these years.

#38 Scotts shopping centre, located in Orchard but is no more after it was demolished in 2007.

#39 NBA, shown on Channel 5 before.

#40 Air Jordon, shoes popularised by the coolest man in basketball.

#41 European football, also telecasted free on Channel 5.

#42 Malaysia Cup, where Singapore fans actually turned up in droves to support the local team when we were actually winning matches. And you actually know who Lim Tong Hai and Michael Vana were.

#43 Mexico 86, a time when you did not have to pay to watch people kick a ball around.

#44 WWF, when Hulk Hogan was actually an inspiration and you tried to tear your shirt like he did but your mother will scold you.

#45 Old-style HDB flats, where all of them looked alike. And were actually affordable.

#46 Table tennis table, a time when you actually owned a table tennis net. Now you only have Internet.

#47 Stone table, where the void deck was actually a void and you could play chess on a surface filled with cigarette burns.

#48 MRT birth, a time when no one wanted to go Hougang because it was always so damn inconvenient.

#49 Trans-Island Bus, were rickety and non-air-conditioned. Extinct.

#50 Yellow-top taxi, still plying the road, but most likely, you’ll see the newer, stouter versions.

#51 Sentosa monorail, a treat for kids by parents who thought they were giving the little ones the gift of a lifetime by bringing them to Sentosa.

#52 Old school car, gone and extinct because they’ve all been scrapped due to COE scheme.

#53 Motorcycle with sidecar, the three-wheeled slow coaches.

#54 Home phone, a time when phones were really phones.

#55 Pay phone, every coffee shop had one.

#56 Pager, possibly the most useless device invented.

#57 Personal computer, if you had one… well, most likely not. But this is Creative Cubic 99.

#58 DOS, where you had to key your own commands.

#59 Floppy disk, where you could store 1.44 MB of memory. What?! That is half a Justin Bieber song.

#60 Genghis Khan video game, so popular you must have seen it when you walked into a PC shop selling pirated stuff. Along with Romance of the Three Kingdoms.

#61 Role-playing game, such as Prince of Persia, made you feel like you’ve accomplished something in life.

#62 EA Sports games, marked the start of sitting on your ass all day.

#63 Handheld game, helped you pass more than a thousand hours of your life.

#64 Nintendo, Super Mario. Enough said.

#65 Casio Western Bar, another top favourite handheld game.

#66 Racing game, damn it this was damn fun!

#67 Enid Blyton, before there was 50 Shades of Rubbish.

#68 Hardy Boys and Nancy Drew, going out of the house to solve mysteries.

#69 True Singapore Ghosts Stories, before there was New Nation, this was local fiction.

#70 Lao Fu Zhi, he made you chuckle even though you don’t read Chinese.

#71 Doraemon, you always wished you had a robot cat friend who had the coolest contraptions.

#72 Tintin, the most respectable English comic you can read in class in front of your teacher.

#73 Transformers, a time before Megan Fox made us only want to check out her ass.

#74 MASK, pretty sure you had the red flying car toy.

#75 Smurfs, yes, you found the female Smurf hot and you have always thought that is wrong on some level.

#76 He-Man, hahahaha. Now he looks so wrong, prancing around in his underwear and kitty cat.

#77 Care bears, they made you like rainbows.

#78 My Little Pony, you had the small figurines. And stuffed toys.

#79 The Centurions, you had their action figure with interchangeable weapons and exo-frames that you could build up and swap around. (Note: Previously, it was mentioned that Centurions had hologram stickers. That is incorrect. Hologram stickers are the purview of the Visionaries.)

#80 ThunderCats and SilverHawks, where people morph into animals and do stuff.

#81 Scooby Doo, where you can always tell who the bad guy is.

#82 Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, your first foray into naming ancient painters and sculptors.

#83 Walt Disney, taught you its ok if you don’t wear pants.

#84 Gummi Bears, you so wanted to be part of their adventure.

#85 Hanyu Pinyin names, until today, I don’t know what the fuss was about.

#86 Speak Mandarin Campaign, a failure since the 1980s.

#87 Stop At Two policy, have lesser kids they said. It will be fun they said.

#88 Courtesy campaign, gave us Singa the Lion. Who is still alive today.

#89 Clean campaign, which we should still have now. Because people can be such pigs.

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