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Les Misérables S’pore show renamed ‘1965: Les Kuan Yéw’

Les Misérables S’pore show renamed ‘1965: Les Kuan Yéw’


This will make the musical fit Singapore’s context.


The authorities have announced that the remaining Les Misérables shows in Singapore will be renamed as 1965: Les Kuan Yéw.

This after thousands of complaints about the popular musical surfaced in Singapore for its allegedly subversive plot that caused audiences to feel that it promotes lawlessness, glorifies activism, and undermines confidence in the police force.

This also comes after a complaint was made by a concerned member of the public that resulted in a scene containing a same-sex kiss between actors being removed from the musical.

A censorship board spokesperson, Bee Shang Yan, said: “The literal meaning of ‘les misérables’ is ‘the miserable ones’. But we felt this is inappropriate in Singapore’s context because no one in Singapore is miserable, since we are a First World Nation with a Swiss standard of living.”

“Furthermore, such a musical in Singapore might be alienating to our local audience as it explores many themes that are unfamiliar to Singaporeans, such as revolution, patriotism, fervour and redemption.”

The authorities said various parts of the musical’s script have also been revised.

Besides having a same-sex kiss scene removed, portions of the musical that feature student activism and characters behaving sadly and singing melancholic tunes have been replaced with scenes of an actor who looks like Lee Kuan Yew shouting “Majulah” excitedly.

All requests for refunds will not be entertained.