In short is quite obviously, the most dysfunctional, satire site in Singapore. (If you click around, some of the links are broken.)

We report 50% real news using 50% investigative journalism — resulting in 25% factual accuracy. We make an effort to write funny commentary. (Note that qualifier “make an effort”).

Any resemblance to the truth in what we write is completely coincidental.

Our¬†content is haphazard, void of real meaning and never as stimulating as The Economist.¬†You’d snigger along with us occasionally though. Unless you are the one being made fun of.

It is also the only truly independent media in Singapore — independent of reality.

Lastly, we are powered by magic and hubris.

Training ground a.k.a. Platform where writing goes to die

We’re always on the lookout for contributors who are also dysfunctional. Contact us if you want to try your hand at satire. Or if you’re a hot girl.

Meet the team

Belmont Lay – founder

Terence Lee – founder

Joey Tan – intern


Praise for New Nation

New Nation is waste of space. Get a real job, losers.”
Sam Gunner, Partner at Property investments Private limited

“Online wise, it sometimes brings out the worse of us, especially when we use it as an opportunity to run others down… One should take issue with the publication (New Nation) perhaps? Why make fun of her, parody or not?”
Tan Chuan-Jin, Member of Parliament (MP) representing the Marine Parade Group Representation Constituency

“Actually I find that your fake news are not funny or entertaining at all.”
Yan Moo, some chick on Facebook

“Bro, looks like you are scraping the bottom of the barrel posting this as satire.”
Max Arumugam, works at Atos

“Wa lao this type of reasons also have??! Sibeh bo liao.”
K Ashley Chong, studied Business Management at Uni. Portsmouth

New Nation also finding it hard to be the only credible fake news site in Singapore, starts recycling content.”
Peter Lin, Content Writer at MoneySmart