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Some S’porean men named Ivan are assholes

Posted on 26 June 2020

Except Ivan Heng.


Singaporeans from all walks of life, who have come across an “Ivan” in this lifetime, are shaking their collective heads but agreeing with one another at the same time.

This after they all came to a common consensus that a lot of men in Singapore named “Ivan” are assholes one way or another.

One Singaporean man, Pu Bor Keah, said: “Any Ivan who is a military officer is lan jiao lang one. Gek one jiao bin come into camp everyday and expect people to greet him and respect the rank and not the man.”

“Inside camp two years and then reservist cycle 10 years, one year one time, also want to act lao lan one.”

“Usually this kind will join grassroots and act like angel.”

“But sure karma and kenna one time jialat jialat one when the time comes.”

Other Singaporeans said Ivans who work in the shipyard industry are also damn guai lan and like to gek one pattern.

Another Singaporean, Hor Gao Gan, said: “Ivans working in shipyard all act tua kee, walk around, kah kwee kwee, like got dinosaur balls like that.”

“Then later like to wear white, turn over a new leaf, and collect five-figure allowance.”

“Last time stay HDB flat but now never stay, then like the whole country owe him like that.”

But not all Ivans are terrible, other Singaporeans admitted.

Another local, Jiang Zhen De, said: “The only Ivan that is good in Singapore is Ivan Heng.”

“That Ivan the government cannot tell him what to do one.”


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