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S’pore govt says S’pore govt doing a good job

Posted on 09 February 2019

Since that’s the case, then it should be okay.


Singaporeans from all walks of life, who smirk whenever they hear something from the government that appears self-serving, have smirked because they heard the government in Singapore say something self-serving.

This after prime minister-in-waiting Heng Swee Keat wrote a piece in the mainstream newspaper saying the Singapore government is doing well in governing Singapore and has not let its guard down, despite plenty of high-profile letdowns recently.

One Singaporean, Kah Kee Gong, said: “Since Heng Swee Keat is already writing a commentary admitting the government is not wrong, he should go further and ask everyone to vote for the PAP in the next general election.”

“Writing a piece to not only deny there is anything wrong, but saying things are going right, is not news.”

“It is like me walking in on my dog licking its own balls. I will let him be.”

Other Singaporeans said the Singapore government can do more.

Kah Kee Song, another local, said: “Today I learnt that the Singapore government is everything but wrong.”

“The Singapore government has never made any mistakes in its entire history before.”

“Which is why there is no responsibilities to take.”

“I don’t even remember the last time the Singapore government coming out to take responsibility for anything.”

“It is almost like they are infallible.”

“Everything has been going great.”


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