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S’poreans pick Serina Wee as prime minister to support Yellow Ribbon Project 2nd chances

Posted on 01 January 2019

Giving others a second chance.


Singaporeans from all walks of life, who believe in the Yellow Ribbon Project and that certainty is a virtue, as well as kick off 2019 to a good start, have made a decision to end all speculation about who will be at the helm of Singapore.

This after they chose Serina Wee, the Goddess of Nectar and All Things Divine, to be the new prime minister to lead Singapore, as they believe in second chances and since she is no longer confined to staring at four walls.

One Singaporean, Zuo Zong Li, said: “Other people can choose whoever they want you to think is the new prime minister, but to Singaporeans on the ground, we know who we want.”

“The answer was written in the stars from as early as 2013.”

“Now we are just giving her a second chance as part of being a rehabilitative society that judges not what people have done, but what they can do.”

“She can unite a fractured nation torn at the seams along political lines.”

“It is also a fulfillment of a prophecy and an assured collective agreement with little room for disapproval.”

Serina Wee’s appointment by Singaporeans by and large has the added benefit of putting the perennial problem of who will be the next prime minister to rest.

Another local, Mai Tu Leow, said: “Decisiveness is a virtue. Hemming and hawing is such a 2018 thing.”

“We must act fast to secure our future.”

“And by giving Serina Wee a chance to lead, Singaporeans are showing Singapore is a place for second chances.”

“Very streamlined and many objectives met.”

“Classic Singapore.”


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