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Lee Kuan Yew should have checked his will more thoroughly before he died

Posted on 11 January 2019

Rookie mistake.


Singaporeans from all walks of life, who went through at least primary and secondary education, are shaking their heads and making loud tsk tsking noises as they cannot believe the type of silly error that has occurred as a result of not double checking.

This after they are witnessing the aftermath of a careless slip made by the late Lee Kuan Yew and are chiding him for it posthumously, as they felt it could all have been avoided had he just taken some time out to make sure things were correct before moving on.

One Singaporean, Bu Yin Gai, said: “Lee Kuan Yew managed to fight the Communist, gain independence from the Malaysians, reduced corruption to zero, and modernise Singapore, but actually failed to check his own will.”

“That’s like getting all the answers in the exam right only to write your name wrongly on the front sheet.”

“It is like being ready to win the Olympic marathon gold medal, but realise on race day you brought two left side shoes.”

“A rookie mistake.”

Other locals said Lee Kuan Yew not making his will watertight is an error befitting of Singapore’s opposition, and not a world class lawyer known to have one of the finest minds in the Commonwealth.

Another local, Jin Ou Da, said: “Such an error is not befitting of a headstrong prime minister, but more like a fly by night opposition candidate.”

“For someone who articulated himself so clearly to the electorate and even learnt another language and a new dialect just to reach the masses because he wanted to be understood, only to not be clear about his intentions to his own family members at home, is like going back after a long day and taking the best shower in a while only to realise you forgot to take off your socks and shoes.”

“If Lee Kuan Yew was alive, he would never have allowed this to happen.”

“It is almost as if this only happened because he passed away.”


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