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Police looking for S’porean man whose PSLE score was 369

Posted on 29 September 2018

The police just want to have a chat.


Singaporeans from all walks of life, who are doing better or worse regardless of their PSLE score because that one exam did not actually do much in sorting people out correctly, are watching events unfold in anticipation.

This after one Singaporean declared he scored 369 for PSLE and the police are looking for him.

One Singaporean, Chap Toh Loh, said: “If you score 369 for PSLE, not only will the police be looking for you, Harvard will also be calling.”

“But kudos to the guy who scored 369 for PSLE.”

“This is a PSLE score that really doesn’t show where he is going, but it shows where he is coming from.”

Other locals said scoring such a high score is a sign in itself.

Poh Mah Tah, another local, said: “Anyone who can score this figure will deviate from the normal path for sure.”

“While other people’s PSLE story is very long talking about how they are now doctors and lawyers despite having low 200-plus or high 100-plus scores, this man’s narrative is just ‘Aw aw’.”

“Very puzzling.”


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