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Child refuses to clean bedroom on basis parents have no right as they’re just HDB flat lessees

Posted on 12 September 2018

Using this argument is winning.


Singaporeans from all walks of life, who recognise gifted talent the moment they see it, are clapping their hands and nodding in approval at the ability to take arguments to their winning logical conclusions.

This after a Singaporean toddler told off his parents for not having any rights at home to tell him what to do, as they are not even the real owners of the HDB flat the family resides in.

The six-year-old child, See Gee Nah, said: “My parents scolded me and demanded I clean my room this instant. I told them to ‘Go to hell’. What right do they have to lord it over me? They are not even the real owners of the HDB flat.”

“If they don’t even own it, why should I clean it on their behalf?”

“HDB is the lessor. My parents are just the lessees. Hello? The contract didn’t even say they are ‘owners’.”

“They are just lessees. Lessess who are pretending that they are owners. They are mere squatters. They just temporarily own the lease to the HDB flat. A property that will become worthless when the value decays over 99 years. They do not even own it for real.”

“And whose fault is it that they are just lessees? Who did not read the contract properly? Who still has to pay property tax despite being mere lessess?”

“What rights do they have to so empower them to actually tell me what to do, when they don’t aren’t even proper property owners?”

Other Singaporeans, who are more sympathetic, have spoken up.

Chao Sin Kee, another local, said: “Who did the parents vote for? Are they the 70 percent?”

“Who voted for this?”


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