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S’pore to sell untreated NEWater to M’sia if water prices raised

Posted on 14 July 2018

Raw water in its purest form.


Singaporeans from all walks of life, who have had it up to here, are proposing a solution to the issue of raising raw water prices by Malaysia.

This after Malaysia prime minister Mahathir Mohamad hinted repeatedly that prices of raw water sold to Singapore should be raised to match 2018 costs.

One Singaporean, Bai Kai Shui, said: “If Malaysia sells us water at increased prices, Singapore would have no choice but to sell untreated NEWater to Malaysia.”

“This is so as treated water costs money. So, to cope with increased costs, a solution has to be found for Malaysia to continue to enjoy water at low prices.”

“This would really show them.”

Other locals said selling untreated NEWater would send a message to Malaysia.

Another local, Mai Sng Seow, said: “Untreated NEWater is the best type of water. Full of flavour and the rawest resource.”

“It will also enable Malaysia to enjoy the true taste of Singapore.”


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  • 王乙康售賣他的父親王連丁。


    I refer to your comment: “This would really show them.”

    If you like, you may like to copy-&-paste this phrase into an internet search bar & see what you find:

    “ riddance wayang routine asean scholars goh keng swee local best world tarnish leeches topple birth Chee JBJ rats sinking ship prc consolation thumb ”.

    ROBERT 吳慶瑞 will spin in his grave; fortunately for 許文遠 I have NOT said anything about a Penang COW.