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Kim Jong-un starts CPF scheme to make North Koreans pay up without using force

Posted on 14 June 2018

A brilliant system, Kim said.


Singaporeans from all walks of life, who know what it is like, are folding their arms and feeling slightly bad.

This after North Korea Supreme Leader Kim Jong-un returned to his home country after visiting Singapore and immediately started implementing the CPF system the moment he touched down.

One Singaporean, Gong Ji Kim, said: “I heard Kim Jong-un tell his aides that the CPF system is the most ingenious thing in the world and he is glad he learnt about it when in Singapore.”

“By starting CPF in North Korea, he can get the peasants in his country to cough up monthly payments automatically without having to resort to violence and physical coercion, which is time consuming.”

“The CPF contribution will be the easiest way to go about doing things, he said.”

Other Singaporeans said having the CPF system in North Korea might strengthen the people there.

Another local, Pah Buay See, said: “Kim Jong-un just needs to go back and tell his people this is for their own good and they can rest assured that their future is well taken care of because of CPF contributions, which can be used to buy house, pay for healthcare and fund retirement.”

“He will then implement a minimum sum, which will keep increasing every year so the amount will never be met by the peasants.”

“So, if the North Koreans can survive the CPF system, they can survive famine, civil strife, anything.”


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