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S’poreans give Khaw Boon Wan 3 days to say sorry for transport woes

Posted on 08 March 2018

He is also made to retract statements suggesting things are better.


Singaporeans from all walks of life, who take leadership cues from the PAP, are giving Transport Minister Khaw Boon Wan three days to say sorry.

This after Khaw has been made to take responsibility for the nation’s transport woes over the last few years and given the ultimatum of apologising in Parliament.

He also needs to retract any statements made in Parliament that suggest public transportation in Singapore has become better when there is no evidence to support this is so, and that cheap public transport is not feasible.

One Singaporean, Jiang Soh Lee, said: “Transport Minister Khaw made these statements based on suspicions and not evidence. These comments were made to convince Singaporeans the current state of transportation is the best in all possible worlds.”

“This cannot be the case as Singaporeans have set out the facts on this issue over the past few years, showing that MRT breakdowns are not getting fewer nor shorter.”

“The tunnel even got flooded, if we remember correctly.”

Other locals said giving Khaw a chance to apologise would bode well for other PAP ministers.

Another Singaporean, Kee Zi Sah, said: “Once Khaw apologises, it will open the floodgates for other ministers to come forward to apologise.”

“Once they are done, Khaw can then commit hara-kiri.”

“This will be followed by others.”

“But by so refusing, his conduct falls short of the standard of integrity and honor expected of all members. I must, therefore, put the honorable member on notice, and the rest of the House too, that if he repeats such dishonorable conduct, I will refer the matter to the Committee of Non-apologies.”


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  • Christopher Bong

    Khaw is then the master of giving fake news.

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      However, PAY BACK EVERY stinkaporean cent you ALL OWE FIRST though!

      Lucky for “city, not country” காசிவிஸ்வநாதன் “கா / கே” சண்முகம் I have NOT said anything yet.