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S’poreans to rid country of old people instead of raising GST to 9%

Posted on 02 March 2018

Tough choices have to be made.


Singaporeans from all walks of life, who have their priorities right, have voted in a referendum to rid the country of all old people instead of raising the GST to 9 percent to fund their future needs.

This after Singapore announced that more money is needed in the future as people are getting older and will need to find ways to pay for their increased expenditure.

But after careful deliberation, Singaporeans voted in favour of no old people left in the country.

One Singaporean, Gan Diao Tah, said: “Singapore is always faced with hard choices and forks in the road.”

“So, now we must make another hard choice. Do we want to make the current generation pay for the future spending by increasing the GST to 9 percent? Or do we want to get rid of old people now so that we don’t make the young pay more?”

“The choice is simple. Let’s get rid of old people.”

Old Singaporeans said the need to put nation before self made them approve the new measure.

One old Singaporean, Jin Lao Lang, said: “Singaporeans are going to have it bad with a 9 percent GST in place.”

“There is not much time for me already. And by the looks of it, Singaporeans by and large also do not have much time already.”

“Let’s make the hard choices to keep Singapore going.”


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