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S’poreans criticise McDonald’s chocolate pie without trying to look too enthusiastic about it

Posted on 28 February 2018

Typical Singaporeans.


Singaporeans from all walks of life, who love to be disappointed by food reviews but still read them like the bible, are outraged about McDonald’s latest pie.

This after influencers and semi-serious websites in Singapore rated the chocolate pie a dismal nine out of 10, which is a false show of modesty.

One Singaporean, Chi Da Bian, said: “How can dis b allow? I rely on those influencers for my daily meals and I’m particularly looking forward to the chocolate pie.”

“A bloody nine out of 10? They always say everything is nice and good and great and yummy. I’m seriously having second thoughts about the pie.”

Another Singaporean, Jiak Sim Mee, said: “This actually says a lot about the chocolate pie. Its imperfect score is a sure sign that the influencers are being paid to look like they are not being paid to advertise for McDonald’s.”

Other Singaporeans noted the drastic change in editorial tone.

Hong Gan Leow said: “While It’s a pity to read such bad reviews about the pie, one has to observe their editorial tone. For instance, for their usual 100-word reviews, there are usually 30 exclamation marks and adjectives and phrases like yummilicious, moist and melt-in-mouth.”

“This time round, there’s only three exclamation marks and the word solid was used. Which, to be honest, is not a flattering word to describe a pie.”

“McDonald’s clearly needs to do better.”


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  • Zheng Deliang

    Sold out at most McDonald , the review is true.

  • Victor Pang

    “If it so delicious, why you never give us promo code? I doubt you believe in your product know.”