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S’poreans demand Keppel Corp apologise to Minister Grace Fu

Posted on 04 January 2018

If not, Grace Fu will be angry.


Singaporeans from all walks of life, who feel indignant, are calling on Keppel Corp to personally apologise to Minister Grace Fu.

This after Minister Grace Fu demanded opposition politician Leon Perera to apologise for misrepresenting facts and to withdraw false allegations made against Mediacorp in Parliament.

Singaporeans said Keppel Corp must apologise more profusely as their corruption scandal mistake is 375 million to 850 billion times worse than Leon Perera’s mistake as hundreds of millions of dollars have been lost.

One Singaporean, Jiang Soh Lee, said: “It is imperative for Keppel Corp to apologise to Minister Grace Fu.”

“Keppel Corp made Singapore look bad in the international community and cannot be allowed to get away scot-free.”

“If Keppel Corp does not apologise, Minister Grace Fu will be forced to write an email to send to them.”

Other locals said there is a silver lining to not apologising.

Another Singaporean, Mei Yew Chuo, said: “As long as Keppel Corp doesn’t apologise to Minister Grace Fu, it means the company has not done anything wrong.”

“To apologise is to look contrite and like you have committed an error, which will then be brought up in the future to be used against you.”

“So Keppel Corp can just keep silent and pretend it is the best company in the world.”



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