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SMRT CEO’s heart in right place, maintenance team signed logs prove

Posted on 21 November 2017

Checks done regularly to make sure heart is okay.


Singaporeans from all walks of life, who know where to look for evidence, are glad to hear that SMRT CEO Desmond Kuek’s heart is in the right place.

This after they were shown a signed log book by the SMRT maintenance team proving that their CEO’s heart is where it should be having inspected it.

One SMRT maintenance personnel, Hao Seow, said: “We checked for his heart in the right place every three months. And the past four inspections last year showed that it was all systems go.”

“There was no cutting of corners.”

This statement came after Singaporeans questioned the veracity of the SMRT’s log books.

Another local, Zheng Chang, said: “Despite public doubts, signed quarterly X-ray records dating back over a year prove definitively that the CEO’s heart has consistently been in the right place.”

“Whether or not SMRT owns or has access to an X-ray machine is immaterial, as there is absolutely no reason to suspect that meticulously kept logs may in any way be questionable or inaccurate.”



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  • ime

    It is unlikely that SMRT CEO has heart in the right place. Heart in the right is a rare genetic condition called Dextrocardia.

    His heart is probably in the left place.

    • Anti-منافق

      Hey lieutenant-general desmond 郭木財,

      Instead of QUACKING non-stop, YOU yourself JUST FUCK OFF!