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Source of MRT breakdowns traced to all commuters in S’pore

Posted on 24 October 2017

This is the only conclusion left.


Singaporeans from all walks of life, who have come to a sudden eureka moment of realisation, are looking at one another in shocked recognition having solved an age-old problem.

This after they discovered once and for all that the most likely culprit of MRT faults and perennial delays all over the island are public transport-reliant commuters in Singapore.

This is so as commuters are the ones utilising public transport the most and can be considered heavy users compared to Singaporeans who drive.

One public transport-reliant Singaporean, Fu Zhe Ren, said: “After pointing fingers at everything, it is clear that it is my fault.”

“If I do not take the train, the train will never spoil.”

“The same goes for this fellow commuter on my left and this other fellow commuter on my right,” he said as the train stopped at the station and did not move off for more than 15 minutes.

However, other Singaporeans said this conclusion is too convenient as it scapegoats commuters.

Another local, Guai Bie Ren, said: “It is not satisfactory to just point our collective fingers at one another and make one another take the blame and feel shameful.”

“This is too convenient.”

“Therefore, I would like my unborn children and unborn grandchildren in the future to shoulder this blame as well.”

“It is unfair that the current generation must take the blame when the future generations think they can get away scot-free and blame us as well.”

“That is just nonsense.”

“Hence, it is here on out every future generations’ fault as well.”



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  • Davin Chee

    What about the previous generations that gave birth to you commuter scum

    • eugene anthony “desafinado”

      @ Davin Chee :

      As what 黃淑敏 would say: “fuck off from my élite uncaring face”.

      Fortunately for her daddy 黃守金 (& 宏茂橋 & more specifically, Jalan KAYU [NO PUN INTENDED]) SBS Transit (!) seems to have FORGOTTEN his daughter’s laudatory remarks in relation to (NO PUN INTENDED) what PUBLIC transport is all about!

      It is sure interesting on the train of thoughts which drives one to comment — Derek Wee would be so PROUD.

      All best,
      eugene nirvan anthony, a.k.a. “desafinado”, previously “nirvan44”
      Applecross (Perth) WA 6153
      Australian passport #: N2157646

  • Shan Kissdani

    I’ll gladly take the blame and die for everyone if the trains were a true public service that ran for absolutely free.

    • Anti-منافق

      How many of you notice that those who used to RELISH in talking up the INFRASTRUCTURE of the “city, NOT country” of காசிவிஸ்வநாதன் “கா / கே” சண்முகம், i.e. singing how EFFICIENT & WONDERFUL it is — at least when it LASTED — but still FIGHT tooth-&-nail to AVOID taking up CITIZENSHIP, especially if they are MALE &/or have MALE CHILDREN?!

      Luckily for his MALE colleague & COMPATRIOT doctor ஜனில் புதுச்சேரி I cannot be BOTHERED to mention that he does NOT have to know, vis-à-vis what I STATED (no pun intended) earlier, what the abbreviations “NSF” & “NSman/NSmen” STAND (no pun intended) for.

      All factors considered, I am also sure everyone knows professionalism does NOT equate with patriotism.