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SMRT corporate culture awarded UNESCO World Heritage status

Posted on 28 October 2017

So old and calcified.


In a surprise move, the United Nations Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organisation (UNESCO) announced that it will be gazetting the deep-seated cultural issues of SMRT as an internationally significant site of Intangible Cultural Heritage.

This is in recognition of the profound impact SMRT’s ancient and never-changing corporate culture has had on Singapore society in general, as it has been stopping Singaporeans in their tracks to marvel at the state of things.

Speaking on the sidelines of the award ceremony, a spokesperson for UNESCO, Yin Guan Jun, said: “We were frankly amazed by the staunchly unchanging ways of SMRT’s working culture since time immemorial, and we were particularly impressed by the elevation of traditional performance arts, such as taichi and wayang, both of which are integral aspects of SMRT work culture, going beyond mere art forms and turning into a daily way of life.”

“We commend SMRT for cultivating an environment where traditional art forms such as Taichi and Wayang can flourish, and are heartened by the organisation’s efforts to groom new generations of taichi masters and wayang kings, especially at the highest of executive levels.”

Other aspects of SMRT work culture highlighted by UNESCO include the esoteric practice of throwing employees under the bus, a tradition steeped in symbolic meaning for SMRT due to its increasing role as a rail replacement bus service operator.



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  • jessie james

    Very funny but some truth in it

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      How many of you notice that those who (used to) RELISH in talking up the INFRASTRUCTURE of the “city, NOT country” of காசிவிஸ்வநாதன் “கா / கே” சண்முகம், i.e. singing how EFFICIENT & WONDERFUL it is — at least when it LASTED — but REGARDLESS still FIGHT tooth-&-nail to AVOID taking up CITIZENSHIP, especially if they are MALE &/or have MALE CHILDREN?!

      Fortunately for his MALE colleague & COMPATRIOT doctor ஜனில் புதுச்சேரி (who’s your [dominic] DADDY?!) I cannot be BOTHERED to mention that he does NOT have to know, vis-à-vis what I STATED (no pun intended) earlier, what the abbreviations “NSF” & “NSman/NSmen” STAND (no pun intended) for.

      All factors considered, I am also sure everyone is aware that professionalism does NOT equate with patriotism.

      By the way, if so inclined, one may like to copy-&-paste this phrase into an internet search bar & see what one discovers:
      “ 陳佩玲 allowance decile 101% 15 黄好游 husband ”.