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S’poreans to unify Halimah Yacob with her Indian roots

Posted on 16 September 2017

The president will be unified.


Singaporeans from all walks of life, who heard that the president of Singapore can be a unifying figure, are heartened.

This after they are determined to use the unifying qualities of the president bestowed on the population to unify President Halimah Yacob with her Indian roots.

One Singaporean, Yin Du Ren, said: “It is our duty as a people to be unified under Halimah Yacob.”

“To possess such unifying qualities, we as a people must unify Halimah Yacob with her Indian roots.”

“Otherwise, it is just lip service.”

However, not all Singaporeans are convinced they can do that.

Another local, Ma Lai Ren, said: “We can’t even vote in more opposition into parliament whenever the time comes and here we are trying to make a woman acknowledge a part of her that exists.”

“Who are we kidding?”



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