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S’pore less racist as only 5 Chinese men vying for prime minister role now

Posted on 05 September 2017

A sharp increase in diversity overnight.


Singaporeans from all walks of life, who recognise racism and understand math, are clapping their hands in delight as the country became more egalitarian overnight.

This after Minister Tan Chuan-Jin has been chosen to become the new Speaker of Parliament, effectively reducing the number of Chinese men vying for the prime minister role from six to five immediately.

This streamlining represents a one-sixth reduction in racism in Singapore as there is one less Chinese man vying for the prime minister role.

One Singaporean, Hua Ren, said: “This is a step forward for Singapore society. This reduction in Chinese men shows Singapore is becoming more equal and it is a testament to our multi-ethnic make-up.”

“There is nowhere else in the world you can find such diversity and multiculturalism on display.”

However, other locals said naysayers might use this opportunity to downplay Singapore’s commitment to diversity and insist this is a form of tokenism.

Another local, Tng Lang, said: “There will be those who will still insist these five men in the running for the prime minister role are wholly Chinese.”

“They will play up the race politics that serves to undermine Singapore’s credibility and take away credence from Singapore’s system that is based on meritocracy and not skin colour.”

“Because if we look closely at all these five Chinese men, we can clearly see they are nothing but diversity, as they can represent minority women, underprivileged and working class in them.”

“Those who see them as Chinese are the racist ones.”



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    You forgot 1/6 less sexist too!