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S’poreans start Li Shengwu political party

Posted on 06 August 2017

Our leader, they declare.


Singaporeans from all walks of life, who see a new hope, have started a Li Shengwu Party.

This after they felt Li Shengwu represents the best change the republic has in finding its footing in a new political party.

One Singaporean, Gao Zhen Zi, said: “Li Shengwu is eloquent and has much credentials.”

“He is also brave, has an expansive worldview and he stands up for his beliefs.”

“If there ever was to be a breakaway faction, he can be the leader of the resistance.”

Other locals said starting a political party on behalf of Li Shengwu for him to fill its leadership role, is Singapore’s way of hedging its bet against an uncertain future.

Another local, Li Zhong Lee, said: “He is also from a family lineage that has produced two prime ministers for Singapore.”

“If we are going to take a chance, let’s roll the dice here.



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  • phyongpp

    But how can he lead the new party if he will get arrested for committing contempt of court as soon as he steps into Sg?

    • eugene anthony “desafinado”


      As what 黃淑敏 (黄淑敏) would say: “fuck off from my élite uncaring face”.

      Luckily for her daddy 黃守金 (黄守金) (& 宏茂橋 [宏茂桥] & more specifically, جالن كايو [NO PUN INTENDED]) SBS Transit (!) seems to have FORGOTTEN his daughter’s laudatory remarks in relation to (NO PUN INTENDED) what PUBLIC transport is all about!

      It is sure interesting on the train of thoughts which drives one to comment — Derek Wee would be so PROUD of SMRT NOW.

      eugene nirvan anthony, a.k.a. “desafinado”, previously “nirvan44”
      Applecross (Perth) WA 6153
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