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PAP MPs applaud one another for wasting 2 days but still got paid

Posted on 04 July 2017



Singaporeans from all walks of life, who know how economics work, are clapping their hands and cheering PAP MPs in Parliament for a game well-played.

This after 83 PAP MPs spent two days in Parliament on July 3 and 4 not doing much but still got paid.

One Singaporean, Jiak Zhua, said: “This has to be the best sort of job ever. Show up, breathe, don’t die and end of the month the money still credited in the bank account.”

“What a well-played game.”

Other locals said the PAP MPs could have spent the two days sitting around an air-conditioned room and not do anything and no one will notice because this is usually what happens.

Another local, Jiak Leow Bee, said: “If the PAP MPs did not applaud one another, they still would have given Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong a standing ovation for a job well done.”

“Nothing got done but it looks like a lot of effort put in.”

“Now can go back to normal again.”

At press time, Singaporeans are camping out at Lee Hsien Yang’s Facebook page.



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