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Halimah Yacob not very decisive as a leader

Posted on 30 July 2017

If she can’t make up her mind.


Singaporeans from all walks of life, who cannot stand hemming and hawing, are shaking their heads in disapproval.

This after Halimah Yacob said she is still not decided about running for the Presidential Election 2017, even though it is only one month away.

One Singaporean, Zhen Mao Dun, said: “She cannot behave like this and expect to be seen as a decisive force to be reckon with.”

“Imagine how dinner preparations in the Istana would be like?”

“‘Madam President, would you like beef or chicken for dinner?'”

“‘Let me think about it.'”

“And then nothing gets done and all the guests go hungry.”

Other locals said the hallmarks of good leadership is having the foresight from the get go and being able to call the shots early while staying ahead of the curve so as to be a first mover.

Another local, Ma Lai Ren, said: “Maybe we shouldn’t blame Halimah Yacob.”

“The concept of presidency is a patriarchal concept imposed on men and women to sustain a global capitalist system.”



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  • Ordinary singaporean

    Firstly, I think is wrong that pap qualify her as Malay in GE. I think she should be disqualified from last 4 GE as her registration is already wrong. By birth if your father is an Indian, you are Indian no in between irregardless of your mother is Malay Chinese or other race. The sperm is the one determine your sex not the egg. A religion is not fixed from birth. You can choose whatever religion you want during birth or later in life and religion can be changed if one desire but not your race as it is in the blood. The GE should be thoroughly clean up now because of the said GRC requirements. Now things are shown that pap did not draw clearly fur their candidates race. I think race is clearly define but pap make it blurr. I also think HDB should be clean up too whether one is an Indian or Malay. When thinks are not clear it becomes very messy and blurr out other communities and institutions or ministries. The two other male candidates and halimah should be disqualified short and sharp, no argument about it. How can she denounce her origin and her father’s root. You are born an Indian admit you are Indian. please trace paternal parents roots. It is wrong to tell your children that your race is Malay in fact is not, still Indian. Therefore one cannot change your roots. Sad to say that halimah should admit she is Indian but practicing muslim. No matter how much she spent her whole life as muslim, she is still Indian. Recently all those pap Malays are rally behind her as Malay, am wondering whether those bunch themselves are really Malay or in between. Can they owned up their real race origin. If your father is Malay, you are declared a Malay irregardless whether your mother is a Chinese, Indian or other race. Simple as that. Can opposition MP please raise this up and our current president please put your stand as you are elected by the people as Chinese EP. Is there any in-between race in our past EP and GE candidates? Not forgetting singapore is multi racial but we did not said we could be one race. One singapore one nation one people but never one race. That was what pm lee says about a Malay race president. When we say irregardless of race language or religion, it is being together living in harmony but not saying one religion one race, never. So Pm lee, please be clear, you cannot tweak things in your favour. You do not make things clear, all your rules and policies will be blurr out. Worse people will have doubts and integrity. Pls make this clear and explain why halimah was stated as Malay in past GE, since GCT time. Now seems like there are some misalignment done in the past till now. Hope you could realign it back correctly.