38 Oxley Road house quietly removed brick by brick last 2 weeks

Posted on 03 July 2017

About 4 percent removed so far.


Singaporeans from all walks of life, who do not know any better, are looking at recent photos of 38 Oxley Road house and seeing that it looks like the same thing as the past few decades.

However, the house has been getting smaller as pieces have been removed brick by brick the last two weeks.

One Singaporean, Cai Fang Zi, said: “That is impressive. So shrewd.”

“No wonder the other day I thought I saw one man and one woman walking down Oxley Road with a kitchen sink.”

“It could have been two men, but I could be wrong.”

Other locals said this is what happens to Singapore all the time as well.

Tia Chu, another local, said: “You’d see pieces of Singapore change over time right under your nose but you wouldn’t even notice it while it happens.”

“There is nothing technically illegal with removing bricks from your own private property.”

At press time, a clay urn for bathing was seen placed down the road at the refuse collection point.



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