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Thousands of S’poreans turn gay after walking into Cineleisure

Posted on 09 June 2017

It is irreversible.


Thousands of Singaporeans from all walks of life, who are easily influenced by things around them, have turned irreversibly gay.

This after these Singaporeans walked into Cathay Cineleisure in Orchard and saw the Pink Dot advertisement on the escalator with a slogan that read, “Supporting The Freedom To Love”.

One Singaporean who turned gay, Tong Xing Lian, said: “I was straight when I was outside Cineleisure. But the moment I walked in, I want to have sex with people of the same gender.”

“I would not have turned gay had I not read that I have the freedom to love.”

Other locals said a gay advertisement in public is a very powerful thing.

Another local, Lai Zuo Ai, said: “Whole year round I see heterosexual advertisements showing men using some product and becoming virile and women using some product and becoming sex object, but the reality is that straight men and women are all still so meh and not arousing no matter what they are exposed to.”

“But the moment heterosexual people see gay advertisement, all will become rapacious homosexuals.”

“Can scientists come out and explain this?”



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  • Moe Dani

    Being gay means loving Satanism.

    • Jean Patrick Alexander


      • Moe Dani

        I don’t hv a problem with gay people. I do have a problem where media, movies, atheist promoting homosexuality. Like in America, that get drag queens going to kindergarten and promoting transgender.

    • Nathaniel Yang

      Actually, you are wrong.being gay means they open up to a higher power and can now ride dragons and unicorns. True story!

      • Moe Dani

        Ok, you win, I can’t top unicorns and dragons. I’m just a Bat.

  • dicks

    Can confirm, the instant I walked into Cathay Cineleisure I was overwhelmed with the urge to become a mod for /r/singapore

  • Go Shaman

    “Another local, Lai Zuo Ai, said”
    isnt that (come make love) in mandarin??

    • Eileen

      Tong Xin Lian ~ 同性恋