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S’poreans from all walks of life claim responsibility for Lee family quarrel

Posted on 17 June 2017

If Singapore didn’t exist, there wouldn’t have been Lee family problems.


Singaporeans from all walks of life, who believe it is the responsibility of those to take responsibility, have stepped up to take responsibility.

This after thousands of Singaporeans claim responsibility for causing the Lee family to fight amongst themselves and having strained relations.

One Singaporean, Wo De Cuo, said: “If the Lee family didn’t have to run a country full of Singaporeans, they would have lived happily ever after.”

“The toll of being in charge of Singaporeans must have been immense. If they didn’t have to meddle in everyone’s lives and acting as the government, they would be sitting somewhere retiring and enjoying life and not have to deal with all these man-made bullshit.”

Other locals said Singaporeans cannot blame their leaders as there will be no leaders without followers, so it is the followers who are wrong in the first place.

Another local, Qu Zi Sha, said: “It is my fault. I should not have been a Singaporean. If there were no Singapore, there would be no Singaporeans and no problems.”

“I have personally caused so much pain and anguish for the Lee family.”

“I must repent by committing hara kiri.”

“I hope Khaw Boon Wan can join me.”



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