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S’poreans agree tear down 2/3 LKY house, preserve 1/3

Posted on 14 June 2017

Sounds fair.


Singaporeans from all walks of life, who believe in the concept of one person one vote, have come to a consensus amongst themselves.

This after there is a massive debate about what to do with Lee Kuan Yew’s 38 Oxley Road house that has caused the three Lee siblings to fight publicly.

However, Singaporeans were quick to offer a solution.

One Singaporean, Jin Jian Dan, said: “Singaporeans have agreed that two-third of LKY’s house should be demolished as two siblings agree that must be done, and one-third of LKY’s house will be preserved because one sibling wants to.”

“This is democracy.”

Other locals said tearing down or preserving LKY’s house will not do much for ordinary Singaporeans.

Another local, Na Qu Zu, said: “It is best to list the entire house on Airbnb. Then Singaporeans can all have a piece of it over time.”

“This will also help unlock the cash value of the house.”



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  • BrownHorn

    What next? Making a Will and how to get one’s Will be carried out when one is dead and gone? If the late LKY before he died [knowing that his last Will about his house could be overturned by the State’s law] had a contractor to demolish whatever were within the house, leaving only the outer shell of the house and pillars intact, there would be nothing of value or worthwhile left standing.

    There would be nothing left worthwhile in it for the State to transform it for the public to remember what was within the house and how the late elderly Lees had lived their lives.

    He did not flatten the inside and remove all the memories.

    Instead, he left behind his last Will, and the house intact.

    Now his descendants have discord due to disagreement over it.



    Or, if not a demolishing job, it can be a complete renovation and reconfiguration works leaving no vestige of what was inside the house.

    The renovation should make it become a completely new house internally with no connection or trace to the past.

    The changes should be to a great extent and modern that even the facade is no longer recognisable.

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