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SPH new CEO hired as ‘paper general’ mistaken as ‘newspaper general’

Posted on 06 June 2017

They thought it was the same thing.


Singaporeans from all walks of life, who like to watch things unfold and later crash and burn, are looking towards Singapore Press Holdings.

This after a new Chief Executive Officer has been appointed to lead SPH, as “paper general” has been mistaken as “newspaper general”.

One Singaporean, Tak Poh Zhua, said: “When you’re desperate, you’d think as long as there’s the word ‘paper’, it doesn’t mean because it’s the same thing.”

“It is like the last time when China mistook ‘Thanksgiving’ as ‘Tanksgiving’ and took Singapore’s tanks and kept them for a few months.”

“Any reason is a good reason.”

Other locals said such an error is forgivable in this new era where traditional media is dying.

Another local, Cai Yuan, said: “If SPH continues to deteriorate business-wise, they can always blame the ‘paper general’.”

“Quite a strategic move, in fact.”



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