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Next Chinese New Year reunion dinner an awkward one for Lee family

Posted on 24 June 2017



Singaporeans from all walks of life, who can see into the future and grasp the effects of the here and now then, have come out to predict that the next reunion dinner for the Lee family will be an awkward one.

This after members of the Lee family had been having a go at one another the past week or so, rendering future face-to-face meetings slightly more difficult to handle.

One Singaporean, Jin Gan Kor, said: “I wonder how much ang bao will be given to the nieces and nephew?”

“And what about the steamboat dinner? Must still share one pot? Or must sit in same venue but one in living room and one in kitchen?”

“And if one of them bring one plate of the food from one steamboat to the other, will that person be accused of theft?”

“The logistics must be difficult.”

Other locals said family problems are the worst as Singapore is a society that upholds communitarian values, where community and family above self is the norm, or else, it is hard to face the electorate to explain why infighting is happening in one’s own backyard and election results are affected.

Another local, Da Jia Ting, said: “I don’t see Tharman’s siblings fighting with him publicly.”



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