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LKY mulling lightning strike on 38 Oxley Road house to put matter to rest at once

Posted on 16 June 2017

Singapore-style efficiency.


Singaporeans from all walks of life, who have gotten sore throat from eating too much popcorn in the last two days, thought they saw a brilliant flash of light across the night sky.

This after Lee Kuan Yew is mulling launching a lightning strike on 38 Oxley Road to raze his old house to the ground to put this matter to rest once and for all.

One Singaporean, Bei Lei Pi, said: “If that happens, it will be among one of the greatest things Lee Kuan Yew did for Singapore and more than makes up for his ‘Stop At Two’ policy.”

“It will be quite symbolic also because PAP symbol is lightning.”

Other locals said they are not convinced the issue can be resolved anytime soon just because the house has been razed to the ground.

Another local, Mai Fang Zi, said: “LKY can raze the house to the ground. And then what?”

“His children will fight over the the ground the house was built on.”

“The solution is, therefore, for LKY to give all of them a tight slap.”



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