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Lee Kuan Yew silent amidst ongoing Lee family drama

Posted on 14 June 2017

He had appeared in the sky previous times to address other concerns.


Singaporeans from all walks of life, who believe the country is stable, woke up to distressing news about potential infighting within the Lee family.

The burning question for most though, was why former Prime Minister and Lee patriarch, Lee Kuan Yew declined to comment on the current situation.

The issue is, after all, predicated on his wishes for the house in Oxley Road.

The notoriously outspoken and fearless Lee has kept unusually quiet on issues regarding the fate of the Oxley house.

Lee, who famously stated he was going to get up if he felt something is going wrong even when he is lowered into his grave, has not even seen it fit to issue a statement over the ongoing hullabaloo.



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  • disgusted

    youre not at all being humorous or funny. highly distasteful

  • anonymous

    Number 1 rule in Asian culture, never make fun of the deceased.