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Lee family urged to continue as S’pore big enough to accommodate petty feud

Posted on 18 June 2017

Go on, no biggie.


Singaporeans from all walks of life, who understand things logically and can see through the smoke, are urging the Lee family to continue with their petty family feud.

This after Singaporeans agree wholeheartedly when told by PAP ministers that Singapore is bigger than a petty family feud.

Singaporeans said they agree the Lee family can continue with their petty family feud as Singapore has already grown big enough to accommodate this kind of small-minded thing without consequence.

One Singaporean, Pah Kah Luan, said: “Going forward, I want to see some court room action, and hopefully, fisticuffs.”

“Singapore as a country has matured and progressed so much over the last five decades to the point we can absorb petty family feuds like what we are seeing now.”

“This is in full agreement with PAP ministers who said Singapore is bigger than a family feud, and indeed, Singapore is.”

Other locals said to test whether Singapore is really big enough, the feud should be widened to drag in other PAP ministers.

Another local, Hor Yee See, said: “This way, Singapore can be made bigger as more individuals get involved.”

“And then all these petty feuds can one by one be subsumed under Singapore, which is bigger than these pointless fights put together.”

“A true First World Nation.”



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