Chee Soon Juan must run for Presidential Election

Posted on 03 June 2017

He can then check the PAP.


Singaporeans from all walks of life, who are looking for fireworks, are anticipating a fight of a lifetime.

This after they want Chee Soon Juan to run for Singapore’s Presidential Election to be held in September 2017.

One Singaporean, Bei Hiao Bai, said: “No way in hell Chee Soon Juan is going to let any election go by without running in it.”

“He needs to make up for lost time.”

Other locals said Chee running in the presidential election will only add to the credibility of any candidate who emerges victorious afterwards.

Another local, Tou Piao, said: “Running and beating Chee Soon Juan in an election will give you street cred.”

“You would be taking on the most seasoned opponent in the field of elections.”

“Regardless you are Chinese, Malay, Indian or Others, you beat Chee Soon Juan you will be respected.”



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  • Tiffany Teo Tiang Yu

    I love his spirit, but he does not look presidential. Same for the likely pap candidates. Only tan cheng bok, for now, looks the part and possibly would open a new era for singapore.